Inner Power

You and I, we live life inside the bubble. For a moment, let me pop your bubble and let’s take a look at the outside together, where our Earth, life forms and even our own species are having a really hard time because of our doing. We turn away from this truth in our daily life so many times, but the feeling that rises when we let the truth in, I personally cannot numb it. As soon as I try to live ‘the working week with weekend days-life’ and I am in it for too long, this feeling keeps coming to the surface. I sometimes even confuse the feeling with depression, but it is really a feeling of powerlessness. For a few years now, I have been exploring the power and strength of the human being and how much of it we put to use. This actually is a point of endless discussion, because it seems to be really limitless. With limitless I mean indefinable, because power and strength are both relatives. Then how come we feel so powerless at times?

In our society I feel we are still suffering a lot, which expresses itself through burn-outs, depressions, anxiety and other psychological and psycho-somatic burdens. To me this makes sense, because the generations that came before us knew a lot of pain and we are still recovering from this. In the past decades we did make huge leaps on physics, technology, psychology and many other areas. Putting this together, it is an emotionally heavy, but exciting time to be alive, and with the resources we have today we are able to share information instantly. My generation, referred to as Millennials or Generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000), is floating between worlds, where so much is possible. A part of the world today is doing really good: innovating and creating, finding themselves and their tribes, creating positivity and more love. At the same time the other part is still in actual pain: take a look at the horrific warzones in the world or the destruction of nature by human force. When living in one of these worlds, it is a real challenge to imagine the other side. I sometimes try, because it is important to me to feel that pain, which is reality to still so many, so I can understand how grateful and blessed I am. It also makes my fire burn a little more inside, to fight myself out of my own prison and help the rest of the world fight to get out of theirs. I think in this time, we have to take more responsibility for ourselves personally, for our planet we are honored to be walking on and for each other as human beings.

I truly admire people who had the courage to take that responsibility and, with this, making a difference for humanity and our Earth. Leadership I think is really inspiring, because these people are determined and courageous and are able to create a feeling strong enough for others to follow. Regardless the number of followers, a good leader in my opinion uses his or her inner power and encourages other people to find theirs. A good leader is no different than the people, but only unique in his or her expression of that inner power we all have. There are actually many leaders that have inspired me to go look for that inner power and I have experienced it growing since. They inspired me to take my own lead and share what I know with the intention of love. Sharing, communicating and exchanging are tools for helping each other out. They are art, and art from my perspective is an expression of inner power. Creating art individually I think also makes us grow collectively. The courage of the people that came before us, fighting for growth towards a better world, is our foundation, and the horror humanity endured should be our lesson.

Emotionally and energetically I am grateful to be even able to live the ‘suburban bliss’ and to be aware of the blessing it actually is. To live in The Netherlands, being able to go after whatever we choose in life with really only the restrictions that come with our survival, we live in possible paradise. Thanks to the recourses of this age there are very few actual limits for us human beings as long as we know what it is that we want, are able to construct different ways to get there and are willing to put in the work. To acknowledge this truth makes it able for you to choose whether you want to pursue whatever it is that you desire, or you leave it and never dig deep enough to actually find out what paradise within your personal opinion even looks like.

Once we do find out (or think we find out) what the core of the heart wants to go after, we either hit the highway of the ego and create the illusion of increasing our power by taking away the power of others, or we flow with the more difficult waves of the soul and actually increase our power by increasing the power of others. What I mean by this is, the ego likes to live a happy life on earth and the soul would wanna wish for us all to live that happy life. So this difference in perspective decides whether you think paradise is just for you or for all of us. The majority of world’s society is too afraid to even make a choice and stays safely undecided. Those who did dare to choose influenced the various directions of our history. To know where we are coming from and to see where we are right now, is to understand where we are going, and to make a choice is to actually influence the direction of that future.

At the beginning I asked why we feel so powerless sometimes and I think our comfort zones play a huge roll in this. To be staying in a safe place is to be staying a slave to our circumstances, but to actually step out of the comfort zone can get us in touch with our true power and this, I think, can make real magic happen. This means we need to make decisions more consciously and we should be brave enough to step up and find out what our heart and soul desire. Express gratitude, purify intentions and strengthen your inner power. Create art in any form. The more we physically and mentally improve ourselves individually, the more humanity as a whole will improve as a result. Because, the more we want to learn, the more we are gonna communicate and through this communication, we elevate each other by both wanting to learn and wanting to teach. This will create a synergy effect. One and one ain’t two, it makes three, and eventually, this will show in our personal lives and in time, in the whole world around us too.


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