Healing to me personally has always been a subject that drew my attention and the more I come to know about it, the more important it seems to become. So many people suffer from illnesses and diseases today and a lot of us do not even acknowledge or realize this, or maybe we just don’t wanna know about it. Our suffering, whether it is on a small or a big scale, it is taking its place in our daily lives and becomes normal after a while. We push that ‘ignorance button’ so naturally whenever we feel stressed, because of the rush we live in these days. We almost literally ain’t got no time for it and slowly, without even noticing, we get consumed by it. What happens next is that this negativity starts building a home inside of the body and scatters the thinking and acting. Our behavior changes and our circumstances seem to be full with obstacles instead of opportunities. When this negativity in the body starts to accumulate and grow, eventually, some real damage can be done, which expresses itself through mental and physical illnesses or diseases.

The truth is, is that our bodies have an immune system that is designed to fight everything that weakens the body and it is extremely intelligent and strong. In fact, your body knows how to heal better than you do. In science we are also discovering more and more about the mind-body connection and the power of your thoughts. In many cases you could say that our own thinking interrupts the healing process of our intelligent immune system, because the mind is too stressed and focuses on fear and negativity throughout the day. You know how our brains make waves? Imagine those waves being disturbed, producing toxic chemicals that direct how your body behaves. Being late on finishing a project, being behind on the household, disbalanced relationships… All this stress will not help you heal from your illness and will even make you more sick. Instead… you would want to produce yourself some smooth, loving and healing brainwaves, so that your body reacts to it and heals by itself. But how?

When we look at the Western approach of the treatment of illnesses and diseases, we can come to the agreement that we treat symptoms. Whatever it is that physically bothers or pains us, there is a medicine to ease or attack it, mostly with side effects. This is the easy way to treat ourselves; a quick fix. We assume that our doctors and our medicine can heal us from our illnesses, so we just take that pill, we apply that ointment onto our skin. On the short term it works and we feel better, but on the long term, in many cases our physical and mental state get damaged. The problem isn’t being taken away, the symptoms are just being covered up. We also often see our bodies getting used to the medicine and soon we will find it is difficult to go without it.

Another phenomenon I have seen a lot in my personal experience is people being misdiagnosed by someone who is qualified to make such a statement. What happened is that the person in question ‘having a disease’, will believe he or she is sick and will act like it, because of all the information available today telling us how we (have to) behave having a certain disease. Soon enough, medication comes around the corner and the way to a healthy body and healthy state of mind disappears far behind them. This situation is just an example and does not apply to all people who search for healing or treatment, but it happens and unfortunately way too often. Even worse, sometimes, when we are told that we cannot be fixed at all, we take it as truth, and reality presents itself.

Do not get me wrong though, because Western healthcare is very advanced and has saved so many people’s lives. But when we are talking about physical or mental illnesses and diseases that are caused by stress (which is almost all of the illness and diseases we know today), we might have to expand our vision and look into different directions.

Many alternative healing methods use a holistic approach, which means that they do not pay too much attention to the symptoms, but instead look at the body and mind as a whole. They wish to find the core of the problem, which is found in trauma that is hidden deep inside. Emotionally unresolved trauma is something that has integrated so deeply into your belief system that your body automatically lives by this and the brain doesn’t know any better than to produce waves that come from a trauma-based experience. When we peel off those layers and look what is beneath, within ourselves, we find a chance to face what we fear most, accept it and let it go. When our minds are at peace, our bodies will be too, and it will work in our favor.

Even though it can be a really heavy subject and disease and illness can bring a lot of pain with it, healing is something to be really excited about, because in the world we live today, possibilities are infinite. To find that spark is the first thing, to make it grow is the second. So what exactly can we do?

Most of the time, we do not question the things our teachers in school or the reporters in the news tell us. We gotta start doing this, because, with assuming that information coming from authority figures is valid and true without questioning it, we are giving away our inner power that, in actuality, is so strong and capable of so many unimaginable things. There are many records of ‘miraculous’ healing from serious diseases and we can learn so much from different approaches and different cultures from all over the world. In order for us to heal, we have to dive deeper into the process of healing and the perspective of the human body and mind. Start looking for alternative methods, expand your vision and… learn how to listen to your body! This is probably the most important thing. Your body knows and it is communicating with you. Learn to speak this language.

The power of the mind is without discussion extremely strong. The placebo-effect tells us that a fake medicine, that is believed to be real, can cure people from their illness. So when our minds believe that we are going to be healed, our brain will produce the right chemistry to make this happen and the body starts to work for it. This only confirms how important it is to think positively and to put conscious attention to your healing process. Your body caries your soul throughout your life, so it needs your time, effort and attention more than anything else in the world. You have to understand and live by the fact that you come in first. Make time for yourself and your healing process, because when you start doing this, it will show in every other aspect of your life as well.

Healing is an endless subject. Looking at our world today, we really need a lot of it. You might not see how all of this applies to you as an individual, but the outer world is very much connected to the inner world. Soon I will be following this up writing another piece about personalized healing and different healing methods. First… get your mind to it and start reprogramming the belief system! Real life changes, we don’t make them because we are told to, we make them because we want to and understand why.


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