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You are a unique person with a set of qualities and talents that only you can offer to this world. Sometimes we could just use a little help in discovering or developing those talents. You might or might not have found them already, but do you feel like you could challenge yourself more in life and work on your life goals more efficiently? Do you wish to become a better version of yourself and find a higher purpose in life? We know that we are also human and there are no exceptions in feelings of self-doubt, a lack of self-esteem or losing total overview of your life situation from time to time. Maybe you feel lonely and empty or you are constantly comparing yourself to others and just cant seem to find peace and satisfaction with who you are or where you are. Or you could use guidance in general in your life at this moment. Whatever is holding you back in reaching your fullest potential as a human being: life coaching & consultancy focuses on how to maintain a healthy balance in your personal life and circumstances, related to the external world, so you can keep on growing and feel strong and confident about yourself and your life.


During the intake interview we will get to know each other and build up a strong foundation together, so we have something real good to work from. It is important to feel comfortable, with a feeling of trust and faith towards each other, before we start of with the sessions. Together as a team, you and I will focus on the quality and meaning of your life and aim to get the best out of it.

Sessions life coaching & consultancy

After the intake interview, a series of coaching & consultancy sessions will take place. According to your own needs and our agreement together, we will decide how many sessions there will be. We can always cut the series short or extend them. During the sessions, we will follow a plan that I have constructed based upon:
– who you are;
– what your needs are;
– what your strengths are;
– whatever needs improvement in your life.

Content & focus

Together we will trace down thinking patterns that influence you negatively and work on transforming them into a positive and stimulating force in your life. We will work on overcoming obstacles and raising consciousness about your own behavior and actions that are contradictory to the goals you wish to achieve in life. You and I will find a way to convert this behavior into activities that are aligned with your inner motives and authentic self.

Unlike most coaches and consultants, I will also delve into the past with you to find the underlying root of the things that are blocking you from reaching your highest potential in all aspects of life. When focusing on handling your problems without looking at the cause, it will always make the same problems come back to you sooner or later. I want to work with you on overcoming them, so you can leave them behind and take with you the valuable lessons these problems taught you and eventually turned you into a stronger person.


After the series of sessions is done and you are satisfied with what we have accomplished together, we will plan an appointment to evaluate everything we have gone through and I will give you some extra tools that you can use in the future.

Additional: Natural Healing

As a consultant in Natural Healing, I also offer combining the sessions of life coaching & consultancy with the use of essential oils. If you wish to know more about what they are and what they do, please click the link below. The use of essential oils during the sessions is optional and will be applied according to your personal needs and desires. They can be strongly beneficial and could speed up the entire process, but of course, this is all up to you. We will discuss this topic during our intake interview.

Click here for more information about essential oils 


My wish is to make life coaching & consultancy available for everybody. Therefor, the first meeting is free of any costs. All prices concerning the entire course route are negotiable on request.


Amsterdam (Slotermeer)


Contact me here

If you wish to make an appointment, you can do so through the contact form by clicking on the link above. Of course, you can also use this contact form to ask me any question that you have. I will be more than happy to answer them for you and give you more information!

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