Creative References

Below you can find a reference list of people who create art in their own unique way. They are inspiring and work very hard to be able to do what they love to do. The following disciplines are being shared:

  • Organization & Events
  • Performance
  • Music
  • Vision Media
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Development



ZSAlliance – HipHop Culture Organization


ZSAlliance is a social organization with a pure and true heart for the HipHop culture as their core for self-development. They spot talent amongst youngsters and wish to inspire and motivate them to orientate on their surroundings with an eye on their future. ZSAlliance supports creativity in any way and organizes events and workshops for anyone who wants to participate or join the family. Their knowledge and love for the history of HipHop and its culture are the foundation of the honor, respect, equality and non-judgment they represent. ZSAlliance acknowledges us as independent and free beings of the Universe and respects our Mother Earth, working towards a more loving world.

Come Correct – Breakdance Crew

Come Correct

Come Correct is a breakdance crew currently consisting of six talented and energetic dancers. They do showcases and organize workshops and classes in The Netherlands and abroad. Come Correct won different championships and battles, such as Dutch Bboy Championships (DBC) and Battle of the Year Benelux (BOTY), and participated on Hollands Got Talent and X-Factor. With their passion and enthusiasm for entertaining, Come Correct combines dance with humor, theater and spectaculair movement to make sure they give you a breathtaking performance.

Dalton Jansen Choreography – Dance Company

Dalton Jansen Choreography

Dalton Jansen Choreography is a young, innovative and multidisciplinair urban contemporary dance company in Rotterdam. The dance company as a project group creates and directs professional productions in theater, shows and festivals. They also offers a talent development program that operates as a platform for talented, creative and motivated Dutch youngsters who wish to develop themselves on a personal and a professional level as a dancer/performer. Dalton Jansen as the founder of the dance company, is a disciplined and hard working young man who has the greatest ambition to work for whatever comes from the heart.

ROcX – Marketing Consultancy

ROcX Marketing Consultancy

ROcX is a marketing consultancy bureau that offers expertise, a good preparation and insights of the market. They understand that a solid marketing foundation is one of the cornerstones of a successful organization on the long term. When starting a business or working as a self-employed person, ROcX gives you the opportunity to fully focus on your passion by helping you out with your market research and business plan, offering advice, coaching and training. ROcX listens to your wishes and acts upon them, while developing creative solutions to achieve desired results.

4Ocean – Global Ocean Cleanup Operation


4Ocean is an initiative of two men, Alex Schulze en Andrew Cooper, who were devastated by the amount of plastic in the ocean they found during their surf trip to Bali Indonesia. They started 4Ocean, a global movement that actively removes trash from the ocean and coastlines, while inspiring individuals to work together for a cleaner ocean, one pound at a time. With the money that is raised from the selling of wonderful little bracelets, technology is being optimized, jobs are being created, education and awareness are being encouraged and a new global economy is being established. So far, the ocean and coastlines of already 27 countries are being cleaned.



Dietrich Pott (Bboy Dietje) – Artist & Performer

BBoy Dietje

Dietrich, known as Dietje, is a breakdancer at heart. He started dancing at a young age in Suriname, where he was born, and came to The Netherlands to break through. Dietje attended many battles and championships and has been a part of dance corporations such as AYA Dance Company and ISH Dance Collective. He started his own foundation Rhythm Souldjaz in Amsterdam, offering breakdance classes to youngsters. Dietje also created and directed a powerful show in Suriname to support the dancescene back at his homeland. His true passion and dedication created the dream to travel around the world, put Suriname on the ‘bboy map’ and open new doors to new opportunities.

Gregory Albertzoon (Shaggy MC) – Artist & Performer

Shaggy MC (Photo: Jaflu)

Gregory Albertzoon, known as Shaggy, is a choreographer, a dancer and a host/MC. He is specialized in art & entertainment, education, culture, events and entrepreneurship. His love for dancing and performing inspires people to understand that the sky is no limit. Shaggy is always willing to work hard and push through, while supporting the cultural glory of Amsterdam for all ages. He is the founder of Furious Flow and co-founder of Free&Style, and currently works as a coordinator and teacher in urban styles at Lucia Marthas Institute of Performing Arts.

Riquel Gilliad – Artist & Performer

Riquel Gilliad (Photo: Juliane Falk)

Riquel $ Gilliad is an artist with a strong focus on live performance. He started to learn the craft of dancing at an early age and soon grew into vocal skills and acting (theater and film). Riquel believes that the essence of performance comes from a deep and genuine emotion. He always wanted to become a stage performer and hopes to inspire others with the same dreams. Riquel is truly in love with movement and does not make any distinctions in different styles. Instead, he believes in the power of personal expression that is sensed by the feeling of the rhythm.

Marscha Mac Gillavry – Artist & Performer

Marscha Mac Gillavry

Marscha is a talented and joyful young woman who is educated in dance, singing and theater. Her true adventure began when she was invited to represent the Netherlands at the World Championships of Performing Arts in the United States and won several medals. She continued her education in the theater and musical scene and has been a part of multiple productions. Marscha is not the kind of person who gives up easily and is willing to work very hard to be able to do what she loves, making her dreams become reality.



Jamiro Leal (Jahhmeen) – Beats


Jamiro, artist name Jahhmeen, is a young man who knows what he stands for. He loves to share and connect with people and is always willing to work hard and get his things done. Jamiro is creatively inspired by music and is dedicated to share his personal vision and vibes through the tracks he creates himself. He is man with a big heart and a beautiful soul, what can be felt by the listeners through his sound and his beats.

Irfan Ridaie (Attractiv) – DeeJay

Schermafbeelding 2019-04-23 om 10.37.56
DJ Attractiv

Irfan, known as Attractiv, is a happy appearance as a DeeJay and as a person. Within music he finds himself in the eclectic scene, loaded with energy and sounds of house, latin, moombahton, dancehall classics and R&B. Attractiv makes people fire up the dance floor in different clubs throughout the Netherlands. Aside from being a DeeJay, he is also an event organizer and stage manager, with specialization in organizing club nights and festivals. Wherever Attractiv is… fire, energy and fun can be found!



Jeffrey Flu (Jaflu) – Photography & Filming


Jeffrey Flu, known as Jaflu, is a photographer and filmmaker specialized in portraits, fashion, lifestyle, products and architecture. His dedication and detailed work is shown in his creations and being a dancer himself, he knows about putting in the right amount of effort and time to get things done and get it done good. Whether it is an assignment in The Netherlands or abroad, Jaflu makes sure to deliver the very best footage.

CreativeBros – Video Production Collective

Creative Bros

CreativeBros is a video production collective of young, creative professionals with a passion for all types of visual imagery. Although they are highly dedicated to producing any representations that fit your needs, their expertise lies with moving images. CreativeBros is specialized in different fields within the industry; from corporate videos to events and advertisement, from music videos to documentaries. They are driven to tell your story with carefully thought-out combinations of audio and imagery.



Farida Nabibaks – Fresco Art

Farida Nabibaks

Farida is a creative and artistic woman who is educated and experienced in dance, choreography, theater and painting. She currently works as an artistic painter at Fresco Art, where she creatively plays with the surroundings through different materials, colors and depths. Her style is figurative and her creations could be adjusted to the wishes of the customer, would it be a wall painting, portrait or theater background. Farida knows how to listen, how to do research to gather information and how to create a masterpiece with her love for art.



Kitty Olyve – Aromatherapy & Healthcare Products

Kitty Olyve Aromatherapy

Kitty Olyve has been working with essential oils and expanded her knowledge within different directions, like aromatherapy and relaxation massages, to help people get more control over their health and their lifestyle. Kitty has a sweet and pure heart and is always willing to offer a creative helping hand. She studied aromatherapy, an effective, holistic healing method for physical and mental problems. Aside from aromatherapy and relaxation massages, she makes a diversity of healthcare products together with her friend Resque Gout, containing pure essential oils and a lot of love.

Kim Vrooland – Healthy Lifestyle

Kim Vrooland Lifestyle

Kim is a dedicated young woman who offers online personal coaching and supports a healthy lifestyle and a healthy state of mind. While working with a nutrition plan and a weekly menu with delicious recipes, Kim helps you to get back in shape whether it concerns losing or gaining weight. You will be able to keep track of your records with a personal application and there are exercises for you to do at home. Feeling good and living your daily life in balance and charged with energy is what Kim stands for.



Chayennah Batlajar (Poca) – Self-Development

Poca (Photo: OrokanaWorld)

Chayennah Batlajar, known as Poca, is a young woman who is educated and specialized in dance and theater. Poca loves to express herself through whatever kind of art she wishes to create, may it be in the form of dancing, writing, spoken word or singing. She is the co-founder and choreographer of ‘Closed Doors’ and has the ambition to develop herself beyond her limits and be an inspiration for others to do the same.