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Your own personalized essential oil roller blend

Personal essential oil roller blend

According to your personal circumstances, needs and desires, I will compose an essential oil roller blend especially made for you. Are you thinking of a physical, emotional or spiritual issue you have been dealing with and can’t seem to find a solution for it? Or maybe you just need a little boost or some support in general? Whatever you are facing, you can contact me through the link below and I will get to work for you!

The roller blend will be diluted with fractioned coconut oil and can be used on the skin. Depending on the purpose of the oil blend, I will recommend on which part of the body the oil can be used. Caution! Because essential oils are highly concentrated and very powerful (even when diluted), I advise you to always use the roller blend on the soles of your feet if you have a highly sensitive skin.

Essential oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil (10 ml bottle)

The price is variable and depends upon the essential oils used in the roller blend.

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We are all natural healers

One of the most beautiful things about our bodies is that it has an immune system that is build to heal itself automatically and it tells us exactly what it needs through feelings of pain and pleasure. Only you can know exactly what you are feeling and that makes you the one and only person who knows your own body best. It is a language that we can learn to understand better and better each time. With the gifts provided by nature, we have the power to support our healing process and help our bodies with their needs in order for us to feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is magic and we all have the ability to learn and use it.

If you wish to work with Essential Oils yourself click the link below.

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If you feel the need to get more information, training and guidance, do not hesitate to contact me! I will be more than happy to work on it together.

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