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Traditional medicine is slowly making its way back to us, because nowadays we tend to prefer nature over the pharmaceutical industry when it comes down to our healing. Essential oils are pure and natural and offer an enormous amount of possibilities in supporting the healing process of your body, mind and spirit. Essential oils are made through pressure or (steam) distillation and exist of concentrating compounds that are found in seeds, roots, stems, branches, bark, leaves, fruits and flowers of plants and herbs.

dōTERRA in Latin means ‘Gift of the Earth’. The oils of dōTERRA are powerful, therapeutic oils of high quality and they are 100% natural (CPTG quality mark: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). Every day there are multiple experts and scientists working in labs to execute quality control with a protocol that ensures potency, purity and consistency. They make sure there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants. They also test the oils for improvement and renewal.

dōTERRA works together with families and communities from all over the world to make mutually beneficial partnerships possible, where salaries are fair and are paid on time. The local farmers and distillers, who have the expertise and knowledge inherited from generation to generation, do what they do best to deliver the best quality products possible. With what dōTERRA calls ‘Co-Impact Sourcing’, they strive to stimulate sustainability, fair trade and collective advantages in order to create positive changes in the supply chain. dōTERRA also set up different projects in underdeveloped areas to offer support, change circumstances for the better and create a global impact.

Where do the essential oils come from?

Oils around the world 

 On the website www.doterra.com you can find a lot of information and you can read all about the essential oils, the farmers, distillers, scientists and practitioners. Please note that dōTERRA works with different regions and the offered products can differ per region due to stock and supply.

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