What is Aurumana?
Aurumana is a community platform and a positive and safe environment for free spirits to come together, where authenticity and openness are fully supported. We connect and unite through sharing and exchanging conscious content, supporting each other in personal growth towards self-mastery and encouraging creative expression.

What does Aurumana stand for?
Aurumana stands for evolution of human consciousness and the raising of Earth’s vibrations, simply by cooperating with the natural flow of life through following the everlasting cycles of our infinite inner and outer worlds. Aurumana in Latin language literally translates to “Gracious Gold”, referring to the idealism of the ultimate inner potential of Divine truth within the human being. Reaching our own state of gold (truth, light, love) that we all hold within means living and engaging the world from our place of inner power in pure authenticity, being and owning ALL that we are as our very best versions of self. Aurumana believes that this is manifested and realized through a cyclic growth process of continuous transformation, embracing both the lows and highs, always consciously influencing the direction of movement spiraling upwards.

We are currently creating constructive channels to launch the Aurumana network.
Keep an eye out and stay tuned. We hope to see you soon.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 2020