Welcome at Aurumana

Our era is a beautiful one, where information comes in massive amounts at massive speeds, and we get to decide ourselves how we filter all of this while looking at our future and taking with us our past. The things we are able to create on this planet, individually and collectively, really goes beyond imagination and imagination is in the mind, which works 24/7. This is exactly why we are being told to be ‘mindful’. The mind tries to interpret all information that the body picks up, always, and put it into perspective. Time and effort can be used only once and the more of it we put into negative imagination in our minds (scenarios in forms of worry, anxiety, dissatisfaction, anger), the less information we are able to process that could actually fix a problem. But how do we filter our information usefully so it can benefit us at any given moment? And how does it help us create a better future for our kids?

My true dream is to make our world a better place to live for all of us, and I wish to inspire people to help me do it. This starts with something as simple as sharing more love and support for each other’s creations and exchange knowledge so we can heal faster. I launched this website to share with you information about applied psychology and essential oils. But I also want to share the expression of my personal thoughts, feelings and emotions that I experience throughout my journey, which is life. It is a journey to walk alone, but we all walk it, so let us inspire and be inspired. Find your light, your talent, your gold, while I am searching for mine.

Nikki Nicole